William Hosken 1789


Birth: 1789 William Hoskin c 16 Aug 1789 Madron, Cornwall to John Hosken & Constance Trembath

Marriage 26 Dec 1809, Gulval, Cornwall, England.  William Hoskin and Mary Saundry

Death: William Hosken was killed in an accident at Ding Dong Mine, Boskednan, Cornwall in 1829, age 41 years. Burials Gulval: William Hosking of Boskednan aged 41, 7 February1830



Constance Hosken b 23 December 1781 Penzance, Cornwall, m 22 January 1806 James Anthony

Michael Hosken b 25 October 1783Madron, Cornwall, m 26 April 1807, Mary Rowe

Thomas Hosken b 12 March 1786 Madron, Conwall, m 18 March 1815 Ann Hollow

William Hosken b 16 August 1789 Madron, Cornwall m 26 Dec 1809, Gulval, Mary Saundry

Jane Hosken b 11 March 1792 b Madron, Conwall, England m Paul Curnow 14 July 1816



James Hoskin, b21 September 1813, Gulval, Cornwall, married 29 March 1834, Sancreed, Caroline Clemens

Jane Hoskin, b18 January 1816, Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married 1816 Gulval, Thomas Bolitho

Elizabeth Hoskin, b12 July 1818 Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married 20 July 1839 Gulval, Hugh Lawry

William Henry Hoskin, b12 August 1821, Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married abt 1856, Mary Anne Read

John Hosken, b9 April 1824, Gulval, Cornwall, m1 1847 Gulval, Jane Thomas, m2 1856 Gulval, Elizabeth Friggens Jelbart

Edward Saundry Hoskin, b28 October 1826, Gulval, Cornwall married 1855 Gulval, Jane Brush


Life sketch


William Hoskin was born 16 Aug 1789 at Madron to John Hosken. Madron is within walking distance of Penzance and Gulval. 


In the 1700s few people could spell, so names were written as pronounced.  Variations in the spelling of the Hosken name included Hosking, Hoskin, and Hoskyn, and were all sometimes used within a single family.  Hosken was a common name in mid and west Cornwall. Records of Hosken family births, deaths and marriages in Western Cornwall go back to the 1500s.  It was common practice to call the first boy born after the father, and the first girl after the mother.


Boskednan has not only old Ding Dong copper mine, which is one of the oldest mines in the world, but also several prehistoric sites, including the Boskednan stone circle, and ancient settlements of stone houses.  William Hosken worked at the Ding Dong mine, and would pass by these sites as he walked along lanes and over stiles to work, or visit relatives living in the nearby hamlets of Carfury, Bodrfty and Trythall. The towns of Gulval and Penzance were a 2 mile walk.  Along the way, he would have seen glimpses of tall sailing ships at sea, and been moved by the heavenly grandeur of the church sitting on top of Mount St Michael, rising out of the sea.


William Hoskin married Mary Saundry on 26 Dec 1809, Gulval, Cornwall, England. The baptismal certificates of their children show they lived at Boskednan


Baptisms 18 Jan 1816 Jane c/o William (Tinner) & Mary Hosken of Boskednan

Baptisms 12 Juy 1818 Elizabeth c/o William (Tinner) & Mary Hosking of Boskednan

Baptisms 12 August 1821 William Henry c/o William (Labourer) & Mary Hoskin of Boskednan


The Hosken family were members of the Carfury Bible Christian Chapel, and in the winter of 1843-4 the Rev Thomas Andrews conducted a series of special services at the Carfury Bible Christian Chapel, attended by hundred of people.  Among those who responded to the call for Christian service were WH Hosken, 22 years, his brother Edward Hosken, 17 years, William Rowe and Henry Brush, all who gave their lives in Bible Christian Church ministry.  The Carfury Bible Christian Church was the centre of the Hosken families spiritual and social life.


View of Mount St Michael from Boskednan            Carfury Bible Christian Chapel



Burials of Hosken family were conducted at the Gulval parish church

Gulval Parish Church                                 Ding Dong mine




The Gulval burial register records a number of family deaths.

Burials Gulval

Jane Hosken of Tredinnick aged 28, 9 Mar 1853 (b 1825, Jane Thomas)  Infectious disease?

Mary Hosken of Tredinnick aged 67, 12 Mar 1853 b 1786  Wife of William

Henry Saundry of Penzance aged 73, 22 Jan 1826 b 1753  Father of Mary Hosking (nee Saundry)

Margaret Saundry of Boskednan aged 93, 24 Sep 1826 b 1733,  Mother of Henry

William Hosking of Boskednan aged 41, 7 Feb 1830  b1789  Husband of Mary, killed in an accident at Ding Dong mine.

James Hosking of Boskednan aged 20, 26-Jan-1831 b1811 Son of Charles


The death of William Hosken in a mining accident at Ding Dong mine, left a young struggling family.  Edward, the youngest son was only 8 years old when he started work as a Blacksmith at Ding Dong Mine near their home at Boskednan.


The Cornish census carried out every 10 years from 1841 provides insights into the family of William and Mary Hosken


1841 Census Gulval, Cornwall, England


                Hugh Lawry,30,,Miner,In county,

                Elizabeth Lawry,,20,,In county,   (nee Hosken or Hosking)

                Mary Lawry,,1,,In county,


Higher Ninnis,1,

                Thos. Bolitho,25,,Tin Miner,In county,

                Jane Bolitho,,25,,In county,  (Nee Hosken)

                Mary Bolitho,,3,,In county,

                Thomas Bolitho,1,,,In county,



                George Thomas,50,,Racker,In county,

                William Thomas,20,,,In county,

                John Thomas,20,,,In county,

                James Thomas,11,,,In county,

                Elisabeth Thomas,,14,,In county,

                Jane Thomas,,15,,In county,     (Married John Hosken in 1847)

                Mary Thomas,,8,,In county



                John Jelbert,40,,Miner,In county,

                Mary Jelbert,,40,,In county,  (nee Friggens)

                Stephen Jelbert,20,,,In county,    (Married Elizabeth Thomas

                Elizabeth Jelbert,,15,,In county,   (Married John Hosken in 1855 Our Family)

                Jeremiah Jelbert,13,,,In county,

                Charles Jelbert,11,,,In county,

                William Jelbert,6,,,In county,

                Honor Jelbert,,3,,In county,


1841 Census Morvah


                William Lawry,29,,Farmer,In county,

                William Dennis Lawry,40,,Farmer,In county,

                Anne Lawry,,30,,In county,

                William Lawry,1,,,In county,

                Elizabeth Casley,,15,Female Servant,In county,

                Edward Hosking,15,,Male Servant,In county,  (Youngest son of William and Mary)

                Elizabeth Trembath,,20,Female Servant,In county,


1851 Census Gulval Cornwall


                Richard Brush,Head,M,60,,"Farmer Of 62a, Emp 2 Labs",Gulval Cornwall,,

                Grace Brush,Wife,M,,47,Farmers Wife (Crossed Out),Gulval Cornwall,,

                Henry Brush,Son,U,24,,Employed On The Farm,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Jane Brush,Dau,U,,22,Employed At Home,Gulval Cornwall,,    ( Married 1853 Edward Hosking)

                Elizabeth Brush,Dau,U,,20,Employed At Home,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Cathrine Brush,Dau,U,,17,Employed At Home,Gulval Cornwall,,




                Mary Hosking,Head,W,,67,At Home,Gulval Cornwall,,  (Nee Saundry, wife of William Hosken))

                Edward Hosking,Son,U,24,,Blacksmith,Gulval Cornwall,,  (Married 1853 Jane Brush)



                John Hosking,Head,,26,,Miner,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Jane Hosking,Wife,,,25,Miners Wife (Crossed Out),Madron Cornwall,, (nee Thomas)

                Mary Jane Hosking,Dau,,,2,,Gulval Cornwall,, 

                William H. Hosking, Son, 3m, Gulval CornwalL


The John Hosken family was living next to the George Thomas family (see 1851 Census)


1861 Census Gulval



                John Hosking,Head,M,37,,Tin Miner,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Elizabeth Hosking,Wife,M,,36,,Gulval Cornwall,,  nee Jelbert

                Mary Jane Hosking,Dau,U,,12,Schollar,Gulval Cornwall,,

                William H Hosking,Son,U,10,,Schollar,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Elizabeth Hosking,Dau,U,,4,Scholar,Gulval Cornwall,,

                Mary Hosking,Dau,U,,2,Scholar,Gulval Cornwall,,  (what happend to Mary?)


Emigration to the new world

Around the 1820s, it was becoming increasingly difficult to make a living in Cornwall.  Wages were falling while the cost of food was rising. For these reasons many Cornish people were looking at opportunities in other parts of the world.  Because most Cornish men had some experience in the Cornish mines, countries that had mining opportunities were attractive to Cornish people.  From 1820 to 1880 hundreds of thousands of Cornish people immigrated to South Africa, Australia, the USA and South America.  Various members of the Hosken family emigrated to these new world countries, and while they might have had an initial involvement in mining, a search of the internet indicates they have created successful new lives in areas as diverse as politics, engineering, religion, insurance and welfare.


1.     James Hosken.  James Hosken and Caroline Clemens died in St Just.  Several of their children settled in Nevada City, Nevada, California


2.     Jane Hosken married Thomas Bolitho.  Their children went to Colarado, USA, South America, Australia and South Africa.


3.     Elizabeth Hoskin & Hugh Lawry.  One son, William Lawry went to Australia and became the stepfather of Sir Thomas Dunhill, a surgeon


4.     William Henry Hosken (born 1821), became a Bible Christian Minister in 1847, and transferred to Victoria, Australia in 1861, emigrating on the "Lillies".  Rev William Henry Hosken and his wife Mary Anne (Read) raised their large family in Australia.


5.     John Hosken was a miner who had five children; Mary Jane and William Henry by Jane Thomas (died 1854) and John, James and Elizabeth by Elizabeth Jilbert (Gilbert) (married at Gulval 1855).  John Hosken died at Trythall in 1855 and was buried at Gulval.  After his death 4 of his children emigrated to Australia, except Elizabeth who stayed with her mother in Cornwall and subsequently married John Christopher. Mary Jane emigrated in 1868 on the "Vimiera", together with seveal members of the Thomas family. William Henry and John in 1883 on the "Iberia" (see WHHs diary) and James in 1885 on the "Aberdeen".


6.     Edward Saundry Hosken and Jane Brush and family together with the families of their children lived around Bodrifty, Madron and Penzance.