Rev William Henry Hosken 1821


Birth: 12 August 1821, Gulval, Cornwall to William Hosken & Mary Saundry

Marriage: 1856, Lattimer Chapel, Sittingbourne, Kent, England to Mary Anne Read.

Death: d 1907, Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



James Hoskin, b 21 September 1813, Gulval, Cornwall, married 29 March 1834, Sancreed, to Caroline Clemens.  10 children some emigrated to USA

Jane Hoskin, b18 January 1816, Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married 3 September 1837, Gulval, Cornwall, England to Thomas Bolitho.  8 Children some emigrated to USA and Australia. d 18 November 1885 Carfury, Gulval, Cornwall.

Elizabeth Hoskin, b12 July 1818 Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married 20 July 1839 Gulval, Cornwall, England to Hugh Lawry. 7 Children

William Henry Hoskin, b12 August 1821, Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall, married 1856, Kent England to Mary Anne Read. 14 Children emigrated to Australia. d 1907, Melbourne, Victoria

John Hosken, b9 April 1824, Gulval, Cornwall, m1 1847 Gulval, to Jane Thomas, m2 1856 Gulval, Elizabeth to Friggens Jelbart .  7 children, most emigrated to Australia. d 8 November 1864, Trythall, Gulval, England.

Edward Saundry Hoskin, b 28 October 1826, Gulval, Cornwall married 1855 Gulval, Cornwall, England to Jane Brush. 4 children. d 1 February 1895.



Lizzie Read Hosken b 1857, England, d 1925 Winsea, Victoria Australia

Florence Hosken b 1859 England, d 1938, Malvern, Victoria, Australia

Harry Hosken b 1860 Devon England, m 1886 Victoria, Australia to Maud Marie Bucirds,  d 1936 Canterbury, Victoria, Australia. 

Jessie Hosken b 1862, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, m 1886, Victoria to Thomas Evans

Emily Hosken b 1863 Ballarat, Victoria,  Australia, m 1929 John Hosken

Arthur Hosken b1865, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. m 1895 Ballarat to Emily Maria Morris  d 15 October 1927, Prahran, Victoria. Australia

Eliza Ann Hosken b 1867 Collingwood, Victoria, d 1946 Ashburton, Victoria Australia

Alfred Ernest Hosken b 1868, Victoria Australia d 1869 Victoria Australia

William James Hosken b 1870 Victoria Australia d 1872 Victoria Australia

Agnes Hosken b 1872, d 1913 Malvern, Victoria, Australia

John Read Hosken b 1873 Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, m 1910 Daylesford to Alice Axcel Hamer.  d1941 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Frederick William Hosken b1875 Ballarat, Victoria, m 1904 Ballarat to Agnes Kerr. d 1938 Balwyn, Victoria, Australia

Albert (Bert) Hosken b 1876 Hotham, Victoria m 1901 Melbourne North to Ethel May Parrratt d 2 February 1853, Fitzroy, Melbourne Victoria

Ethel Mary Hosken b 1878 Fitzroy, Victoria. d 27 December 1962, Melbourne, Victoria


Life sketch

William Henry Hosken was born 12 August 1821 at Boskednan, Gulval, Cornwall. Father William Hoskin, mother Mary Saundry. He was the fourth child in the family, and His father, William Hosken worked as a tinner at the nearby Ding Dong mine.  His father was killed in a mining accident at Ding Dong Mine, Boskednan, Cornwall in 1829, when William was around 8 years of age.


Boskednan has several prehistoric sites, including the Boskednan stone circle, and ancient settlements of stone houses.  William would pass by these sites as he walked along lanes and over stiles to visit relatives living in the nearby hamlets of Carfury, Bodrfty and Trythall,.  The towns of Gulval and Penzance were a 2 mile walk.  Along the way, he would have picked wild berries and seen glimpses of the sea, and been moved by the heavenly grandeur of the church sitting on top of Mount St Michael, rising out of the sea.

In the winter of 1843-4 the Rev Thomas Andrews conducted a series of special services at the Carfury Bible Christian Chapel (photo), attended by hundreds of people.  Among those who responded to the call for Christian service were W.H. Hosken, 22 years, his brother Edward Hosken, 17 years, William Rowe and Henry Brush, all who gave their lives in Bible Christian Church ministry.  The Carfury Bible Christian Church was the centre of the Hosken families spiritual and social life.


In August 1847 William Henry Hosken became a probationary Bible Christian Minister, appointed to the Somerton Circuit in England.  He worked in England for 14 years, then Australia for 36 years.  In 1898 the Bible Christian Magazine, Page 121-123 reported on the Jubillee Celebration of the ministry of Rev William Henry Hosken, chaired by the Mayor of Melbourne.


During his ministry, William Henry Hosken became a close relationship with one of his parishioners, Mary Ann Read, Christened 5-7-1929 Hinde St, Manchester Square, Wesleyan, Marylebone, London Father John Read, Mother Ann Bowe

In 1856 William Henry Hosken was living at Luton Rd, Chatham, England

In 1856 William Henry Hosken married Mary Ann Read at Lattimer Chapel, Sittingburne, Kent, England. Witnesses were John Read, John Tremelling, Eliza Anne Read and Sarah Read


After the birth of their first three children, the Rev WH Hosken and family immigrated to Victoria on the "Lillies" in 1861.  On board the ship were:

William Henry Hosken   age 40yrs

Mary Anne Hosken        age 31 yr

Lizzy                             age 3 yr

Florence                       age 2 yr

Harry                            age 1 yr


In Australia, William Henry continued as a Bible Christian Minister, and wife Mary Anne (Read) raised their large family of 14 children.


The Hosken family had all the unique features of Cornish culture, their expertise in mining, especially copper mining, their involvement with the Methodist Church (Primitive Methodist, Wesleyan and Bible Christian), and Corrnish sociology (names, language, friendships)



Mary Ann died in 1880 at 50 yr. The death of Mary Ann was a loss to the family, as five or six of the children were younger than 10 years


At the 1899 census, they were living at 99 Argyle St Fitzroy, Victoria

The children were: 1862 Jessie (Ballarat), 1863, Emily (Ballarat), 1865 Arthur, 1867 Eliza Ann (Collingwood), 1868 Alfred Ernest, d 1969, Elizabeth Read, Jessie (married) Faith (Nackey, boy and girl), 1870 William James d 1972, 1873 John Read (Daylesford),  1875 Frederick William (Ballarat) (married Ena Martin), 1876 Albert (Bert) (Hotham, 16957), Jack (married but no children), 1878 Ethel Mary (Fitzroy).

Others Harry d 1936 (Canterbury), Rolan, Percy, Winny, Grace (Will Wickens, Gold Coast), Florence d 1938 (Malvern)


Several of the girls never married, however Emily, a daughter of William Henry Hosken, late in life, married John Hosken, who was a cousin.


William Henry Hosken lived till 85 years and died in 1907 at his home at Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia.  On the death certificate his father was William Hosken, mother unknown.



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Located in Sydney Library


This book covers the experiences of the Cornish people in the formation of Australia.  A quality book with good text and photographs.  Looks at the cousins Jacks and Jennies at Wallarroo and Kapunda mines in South Australia.  Refers to William Henry Hosken as a Bible Christian Minister