Quintus Kingston 1837


Birth: 23 December 1837, Launceston, Tasmania to Elisha Kingston and Sophia Langford

Marriage: 14 October 1869, Waltham Park, Longmarsh, Launceston, Tasmania to Mary Joyce

Death: 30 September 1905, Northam, Western Australia



Edward Emanual Kingston, b 17 November 1832, Hobart, Tasmania, d 1 February 1842, Layfords, Green Ponds, Tasmania, Australia

Martha Ann Kingston, b 15 February 1835 Hobart, Tasmania, m William Atkinson, d 22 August 1904, South St Invermay, Tasmania, Australia

Quintus Kingston, b 23 December 1837, Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania, m Mary Joyce, d 30 September 1905, Northam, Western Australia

Elisha Kingston, 25 February 1841, d 21 December 1841, Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania

Mary Elizabeth Kingston, b 10 October 1842, Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania, m Arthur Joseph Goodwin, d 10 January 1909, Launceston, Tasmania.

Rachel Kingston, b 9 October 1844, Perth, Launceston, Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania, m John Germon, d 11 March 1922, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Nathaniel Kingston, b 24 November 1846 Perth, Launceston, m1 Dorcas Lloyd, m2 Isabella Elanora Stanley, d 24 August 1898.Melbourne, Australia.

Martha Kingston, b abt 1847, Launceston, Tasmania

John Carpenter Kingston, b 1850, Perth, Launceston, m Kezia Trotman, d 23 May 1899, Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia

Minnie Elizabeth Kingston, b 1850, Launceston, m Arthur Joseph Goodwin, d 10 January 1909, Launceston, Tasmania.

Emma Hannarh Kingston, b 26 December 1851, Perth, Launceston, Tasmania, d 1926, Richmond, Victoria

Esther Kingston, b 26 December 1851, d 26 December 1851, Perth, Longford, Tasmania

Amelia Jane Kingston, b 20 July 1854, Craythorne, WestTamar, Tasmania, m John Tucker d 1935, Richmond, Victoria, Australia




Ada Mary Kingston, b 4 December 1870 Launceston, Tasmania, m Ernest Coombe, d 29 November 1859, Perth, Western Australia.

Bertha Sophia Kingston, b 6 August 1872, Launceston, Tasmania, m Albert Rewell, d 15 March 1936, Perth, Western Australia.

Clement Quintus Kingston, b 25 March 1874, Launceston, Tasmania, m1 Emma Augusta Egerton Warburton, m2 Neta (Neen) Harper, d 12 October 1847 Dee Why, Sydney New South Wales

David Augustus Kingston, b 10 September 1875, Launceston, Tasmania, m Sarah Hartree

Ethel Martha Kingston, b 25 February 1877, Launceston, Tasmania, d 1891 Ricchmond, Victoria, Australia

Ferdinand Edward Kingston, b 16 August 1878, Launceston, Tasmania, m Lillian Anne Prismall, d11 December 1962.

Grace Amelia Kingston, b 5 August 1880, Launceston, Tasmania, m Alfred Herbert Nicholls, d 2 May 1971 North Perth, Western Australia

Harold James Kingston, b 17 January 1882, Launceston, Tasmania, m Jane Kennington, d 20 February 1952, Perth, Western Australia

Irene Rachel Kingston, b 13 January 1884, Launceston, Tasmania m David Dorrington, d 3 July 1965 Bickley, Western Australia

Jesse Nathaniel Kingston, b 7 August 1887, Launceston, Tasmania, d 20 April 1919, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia

Carmelia Kingston, b 1890, Richmond, Victoria, m Cyril Aitkin, d 1955 Sydney New South Wales



Life sketch

Quintus Kingston was born at Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania, on 23 December 1837, the third child of Elisha Kingston and Sophia Langford.  Both Elisha and Sophia had convict family backgrounds, Elisha Kingston being the son of Robert Kingston, b Devon about 1770 and Esther Barrisford b Norfolk Island 17th August 1794.


Elisha and Sophia Kingston lived in the Hobart area for a few years after they were married, however around 1837, they moved to the Launceston area of Tasmania, and it was here that Quintus was born on 23 December 1837.


Elisha and Sophia Kingston had 11 children, however 3 died soon after birth.

Edward Emmanuel or Alexander Kingston, b Hobart, Tasmania, 17 November 1832, died

Martha Ann Kingston, b Hobart, Tasmania, 15 February 1835

Quintus Kingston, b Perth, Launceston District, Tasmania, 23 December 1837

Elisha Kingston, b Launceston, Tasmania, 25 February 1841, died

Mary Elizabeth Kingston, b Launceston, Tasmania, 10 October 1842

Rachel Kingston, b Perth, Tasmania, 9 October 1844.

Nathaniel Kingston, b Perth, Tasmania, 24 November 1846

John Kingston, b Perth, Tasmania, 1850

Emma Hanah Kingston, b Perth, Tasmania, 26 December 1851 (twin)

Esther Kingston, b Perth, Tasmania, 26 December 1851 (twin-died)

Amelia Jane Kingston, b Craythorne, West Tamar, Launceston, Tasmania 20 July 1854.


Quintus means 5th (child) however the name Quintus is probably derived from Henry Savery's biographical novel titled Quintus Servinton, which was published anonymously in Van Dieman's Land in 1830, and is famed as the first Australian novel.  Henry Savery, born 4th August 1791 was the son of a wealthy English Banker.  Henry pleaded guilty to forgery, and his sentence of death by hanging. Family influence resulted in his death being commuted to transportation to Port Arthur, Tasmania.  As a convict, Henry was treated favourably, and wrote Quintus Servinton based on his experiences in Devon and as a convict in Tasmania.  Henry died by suicide on 6th February 1842, aged 50 years, and is buried in an umarked grave on Dead Island at Port Arthur.


Given that the setting for Quintus Servinton was Devon and Hobart, the novel would have appealed to Elisha and Sophia.


Quintus Kingston grew up with his brothers and sisters near Launceston, Tasmania, His father Elisha died in May 1866 when Quintus was around 28 years of age.  Quintus would not have known his grandparents on the Kingston side, as they had died, however it is expected that he would have known his grandfather John Langford who died in Launceston in 1868 at age 93 years


1866 -The death of Elisha Kingston

The Examiner of Tuesday May 29th, 1866 reports on the death of Elisha Kingston, of Craythorn, West Tamar, age 58 years.  Friends were to meet at the corner of Charles and Patterson St Launceston for the funeral.  The undertaker was William Hills of Brisbane St.


An inquest by a coroner (W. Gunn) and a jury of seven was held at the Salmon and Ball public house, into the death of Elisha Kingston. Elisha was apparently seen in Mr Browns hay shop in Wellington St at 10pm on Saturday night in a state of intoxication.  He apparently went to the wharf and in some manner drowned.


At the death of Elisha, the ages of the surviving children were: Martha Ann Atkinson (nee Kingston) 31 years, Quintus 29 years, Mary Elizabeth 24 years, Rachel Kingston, 22 years, Nathaniel 20 years, John 16 years, Emma Hannah 15 years, Amelia Jane 12 years.


1869 - Quintus Kingston marries Mary Joyce


In 1869, at the age of 32 yrs, Quintus Kingston married Mary Joyce at Waltham Park farm, Longmarsh, Wesleyan, Launceston, Tasmania.  Wedding witnesses were James Joyce and John Joyce. Mary Joyce was the daughter of James Joyce who had been a convict sentenced to 7 years transportation.       


Between 1869-1887 the Kingston family lived in Launceston area of Tasmania, where they had 10 children: Ada Mary, b 4 December 1870, Bertha Sophia b 6 August 1872, Clem Quintus b 25 March 1874, Dave Augustus b 10 September 1875, Ethel Martha b 25 February 1877, Ferdinand Edward b 16 August 1878, Grace Amelia b 5 August 1880, Harold James b 17 January 1882, Irene Rachel b 13 January 1884, and Jesse Nathaniel b 7 August 1887.


The photograph below shows Mary Kingston (nee Joyce) at the wedding of Ferdinand Edward Kingston and Lillian Ann Prismall in 1909.

Front Row: Irene Kingston (Dorrington), Lavinia Davidson, Ferdinand Kingston (Groom), Lillian Kingston (nee Prismall) (bride), Carmilla Kingston.

Back row L-R: Mary Kingston (nee Joyce, Ada Kingston (Coombe), Will Davidson, Charles Hoare,  Priscilla Davidson (nee Prismall), Ernest Coombe



1887 - the family move to Melbourne


People of Tasmanian origin at this time in history did not have a good reputation, and were referred to as vandermanians, and this is possibly one of the reasons that t the Kingston family to move to mainland Australia.


John Kingston, a younger brother of Quintas had married Emma Trotman at Carlton, Melbourne on 5 April 1882. It appears that Sophia and son John may have moved to Melbourne around 1876.


Soon after the birth of Jesse in 1887, the Quintus and Mary Kingston family moved from Launceston district, Tasmania to Melbourne Victoria, where the last child, Carmilla was born (C rather than K) in 1890.


The Melbourne address of the Kingston family from 1891-1892 was 144 Coppin St Richmond.


When Quintus first moved to Melbourne he was a butcher, working with John Joyce 1887, however in 1891 he was a Fruitier, 206 Victoria St East Melbourne.


1893 - Move to Western Australia

In 1892 the family went on a ship to Albany, Western Australia. Between 1893-1905 Quintus Kingston was a farmer, at Seabrook, Northam, WA. Their first home was a very temporary dwelling, using good quality curtains from their Melbourne home as room partitions. In 1893, the age for the children would be around; Ada 23 years, Bertha 21 years, Clem 19 years, Dave 18 years, Ethel, 16 years, Ferdinand 15 years, Grace 12 yrs, Harold 11 years, Irene 9 years, Jesse 6 years and Carmilla 3 years.


The move to relatively remove Western Australia, cut the contact with the Victorian and Tasmanian members of the Kingston and Joyce families.


On 16-3-1902, Quintus's mother, Sophia Kingston died in South Melbourne. The Death Certificate indicated her children were: Edward Emmanuel or Alexander died, Martha Ann age 67, Quintus age 65 years, Elisha died, Mary Elizabeth, age 55 years, Rachel, age 56 years, Nathaniel, age 54 years, John, age 52 years, Emma Hanah, age 49 years, Esther died, Amelia Jane, 47 years.


1905 - Death of Quintus Kingston

Quintus was reputedly kicked in the stomach by a horse, which lead to cancer and his death. Quintus died on September 30th 1905 at the age of 69 yrs and was buried in the Wesleyan section of the Northam cemetery, Western Australia. 


The word on his tombstone read:


In loving memory of Quintus Kingston

Who departed this life at Seabrook

September 30 1905

Aged 69 years


Calm is thy slumber as an infants sleep

But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep

Thine is a perfect rest secure and deep


Mary and the children then shifted to live in Perth.


Around 1906, Mary Kingston and the younger children were walking along Beaufort St North Perth when they heard singing.  They were invited in to the meeting, which was a SDA mission, and in the course of time they were baptised in the Swan River at Barrack St Jetty.  Mother Mary Kingston, and the children Ada, Grace, Irene, Jesse and Camilla joined the Seventh-day Adventist church.


Jesse Kingston, then 19 years old, studied at Avondale College 1906-1907. Grace Kingston studiied at Avondale College 1907-1909.


In 1906 the ages of the Kingston family would Mary 60 yrs, Ada 36 yrs, Grace 26 yrs, Irene 22 yrs Jesse 19 yrs and Camilla 16 yrs.


Irene and Camilla became lifelong members of the SDA church.


Mary Kingston was at the wedding of Ferdinand Kingston to Lillian Prismall in 1909.  After the marriage of her children, she lived for short times in the homes of each of her children.


In 1918 Jessie Kingston was killed in a motorbike accident while driving along Crawley Bay Road, and was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.


Ada May Kingston (Coombe) 1870


Birth: 04 December 1870, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Marriage: Abt 1890, Victoria, Australia

Death: 29 November 1959, Perth, Western Australia



Ernest Quintus Coombe, 1892

Eileen Fitzroy Coombe, 1893

Ada May Coombe, 1894

Ethel Mabel Coombe. 1896

Coombe, 1904

Joyce Coombe, 1910


Electoral Rolls

1906     Ernest Combe, Helena St Guildford, Contractor

            Ada Mary Coombe, Helena St Guildford, Home duties

1916     Ernest Combe, Helena St Guildford, Contractor

            Ada Mary Coombe, Helena St Guildford, Home duties

1925     Ethel Mabel Coombe, 63 Helena St Midland Junction, Home duties


Bertha Sophia Kingston (Rewell) 1872


Birth: 06 August 1872, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Marriage:  1898, Northam, Western Australia, Bertha Sophia Kingston to Albert Rewell

Death: 15 March 1936, Perth Weatern Australia

Electoral rolls

1901     Albert Rewell, Narrogin, butcher

            Bertha Rewell, Narrrogin, Home duties

1906     Albert Rewell, Narrogin, butcher

            Bertha Rewell, Narrrogin, Home duties

            Albert Rewell, Narrogin, Clerk

1916     Albert Rewell, Narrogin, butcher

1916     Albert Rewell, Port Headland, butcher

1936     Albert Rewell, 18 Waterford Rd, labouer

            Ethel May Rewell, 18 Waterford Rd, Home duties

            Quntus George Rewell, Assurance agent


Albert Rewell was buried at Karakatta cemetery, Perth, Western Australia

Bertha was buried at Karakatta cemetry, Perth, Western Australia



Irene Rachel Kingston (Dorrington)


Birth: 13 January 1884, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Marriage: Abt 1910, Swan, Perth, Western Australia to David Dorrington

Death: 03 July 1965, Bickley, Western Australia



Mostyn David Dorrington, 29 October 1912

Ethel May Dorrington, 1815

Ron Dorrington 1918


Electoral Rolls


1916     David Dorrington, 115 Monger St Leederville, Manufacturer

            Irene Dorrington, 15 Monger St Leederville, Home duties

1925     David Dorrington, 111 Northwood St, Balcatta, Manufacturer

            Irene Dorrington, 111 Northwood St, Balcatta, Home duties

1936     David Dorrington, 49 North Rd Bassendeen, Cabinet Maker

            Irene Dorrington, 49 North Rd Bassendeen, Home duties


After the war years, Rene lived with her family at Bickley


Camillia Kingston (Aitken) 1880


Birth: 1890, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Marriage: Abt 1916 to Cyril Calver Aitken

Death: 1955, Sydney, NSW, Australia



Jack Aitken b 1918

Owen Aitken, 18 May 1924

Lorna Irene Aitken, 18 May 1924

Harvey Aitken


Electoral Rolls

1916     Cyril Calver Aitken 84 Collins St Perth, Printer

1925     Cyril Calver Aitken, State School, Moonyoonooka, Geraldton, Teacher

            Camilla Victoria Aitken, State School, Moonyoonooka, Geraldton, Married

1936     Cyril Calver Aitken, Kirup, Teacher

            Camilla Victoria Aitken, Kirup, Home Duties


Ethel Dorrington vividly recalls Mary Kingston (nee Joyce) telling stories of her days in Tasmania.  On one occasion, Mary's brothers escorted her part of the way to her parents home, she then continued through he bush to her home, and knocked on the door.  Her parents opened the door with a stove hobb in their hand ready to hit her on the head, thinking it was some escaped convicts who had become bush rangers.


Ethel recalls Mary Kingston played football with her grandchildren.


1932 - Death of Mary Kingston (nee Joyce)

Mary Joyce died at the age of 86 years in 1932 and was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA alongside her son Jesse who had been killed in a motor bike accident at the age of 31 years.