Percy Cecil Mills 1892


Birth: Percy Cecil Mills b26 January 1892 Seymour, Victoria, to George James Mills and Mary Ann Fothergill who were married on 23rd May 1883 at the Presbyterian Church, Kilmore, Victoria

Marriage: Percy Cecil Mills married on 3 February 1915, Christchurch Church of England, Brunswick, Victoria to Daisy Bowler Moncrieff

Death: 13 July 1967, Mount Barker, Western Australia



Alfred George Mills b1884

Robert William Mills b1885

Francis (Frank) Henry Mills b1886

Walter Edward Mills b1887

Alice Mills b1888

Percy Cecil Mills 1892



Colin Mills b11 October 1915, Kanowna Western Australia, died Kanowna

Walter Cecil Mills b18 May 1917, Kanowna, Western Australia, married 26th February 1939, to to Valerie Isabella Lethbridge, b 9 June 1918, Perth, Western Australia.  4 children

Beryl Joan Mills b14 December 1919, Leonora, Western Australia married Basil Beeck. Died 16 Feb 1965

Dorothy May Mills b18 April 1923, m 16 Oct 1943, SDA Church Mount Barker, to Neville Anderson Beeck. 3 children

Norman Gordon Mills b15 October 1924, m 1946 to June Ellen Willoughby. 3 children

Percy Leslie Noel Mills b25 December 1929, married 1951 SDA church, to Dorothy Graham. 3 children

John Robert Moncrieff Mills b7 April 1935, married 1958 to Verona Caralie Hook.  4 children

Life sketch

Percy Cecil Mills was born 26 January 1892 Seymour, Victoria, to George James Mills and Mary Ann Foothergill. Percy Cecil Mills grew up in Seymore Victoria.  He would have had many Fothergill cousins living in nearby Broadford.


On 3rd February 1915 Percy married Daisy Bowler Moncrieff at Christchurch, Church of England, Brunswick, Victoria. Minister: Henry Albert Bet


Percy and Daisy Mills drove across the Nullabor plain to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, taking petrol with them.



Colin was the first child, and died in Kanowna.  Walter Mills was born 19th March 1917 in Kanowna, WA and after spending the first few years in the Goldfields, the family around 1920 moved to Albany where Percy became a well known Taxi driver, having a Studebaker car.  During the 1920s, the Mills family attended a SDA mission in Albany, which  resulted in a lifetime of association of the Mills family with the Albany and Mount Barker Seventh-day Adventist Church. The children were Walter, Beryl, Dorothy, Norman, and Noel. During the 1930s, the family moved to Mount Barker, living at “Hillside”, a small property on the outskirts of town. John Robert Moncrieff Mills was the last child, born 7 April 1935. The Mills family raised dairy cows and grew apples and stone fruit.  Daisy encouraged all the family in music, and the family would stand around the player piano singing.


In 1939, Wal Mills married Val Lethbridge, and after working on the railways for around 1 year, the 1940-1945 caused Wal to enlist in the army and he served in New Guinea.  During the War years, Percy and Daisy Mills had Peter Varazzi, an Italian Prisoner of war, helping on the farm, and this developed into a life-long friendship.


Noel Mills did well as school, and moved to Perth where he obtained his matriculation at Perth Modern School.  Noel became a teacher.


At the conclusion of war, the Mills men and Peter Verazzi, who settled in Mount Barker, helped build a house for Wal and Val and children.  Merlene Faulkner (nee Mills) lived in this house for many years.


1940s photograph of George James Mills with three of his sons

L to R George James Mills, Alfred, Percy & Walter Mills              Daisy Mills (Moncrieff)


Percy died on 13th July 1967, and was buried in the SDA section of the Mount Barker Cemetery in Western Australia.