Nathaniel Roberts 1828


Birth: 2 November 1828 Roche, Cornwall, England to Richard and Joanna Roberts

Marriage: 24 August 1867, Wesleyan, Moonta, South Australia to Catherine Bawden b 1838, Cornwall, England

Death: 30 May 1902, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia



William Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 27 SEP 1816 Roche, Cornwall, England

Ann Roberts: Gender: Female Christening: 03 FEB 1818 Roche, Cornwall, England

John Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 12 SEP 1819 Roche, Cornwall, England

Jane Roberts: Gender: Female Christening: 11 JUN 1821 Roche, Cornwall, England

Richard Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 30 MAR 1823 Roche, Cornwall, England

Matthew Roberts: Gender Male Christening: 01 APR 1825 Roche, Cornwall, England

Maria Roberts: Gender: Female Christening: 14 JAN 1827 Roche, Cornwall, England

Fanny Roberts: Gender: Female Christening: 14 JAN 1827 Roche, Cornwall, England

Nathaniel Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 02 NOV 1828 Roche, Cornwall, England

Elizabeth Roberts: Gender: Female Christening: 17 OCT 1830 Roche, Cornwall, England

Thomas Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 30 DEC 1832 Roche, Cornwall, England

James Roberts: Gender: Male Christening: 05 JUL 1835 Roche, Cornwall, England



Fanny Roberts, b 1868, Moonta South Australia, Australia, married 6 October 1890 Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide to Albert Edward Lowe. 9 Children

Ada Roberts b 1870, Moonta South Australia, Australia married 22 November 1891, Broken Hill, South to James Hosken 3 Children (Photo of Ada Roberts)

William Richard Roberts b 1873, Moonta South Australia, Australia

Samuel Roberts b 1876, Moonta South Australia, Australia, married 1902, Broken Hill, Martha T Tarrant.  Child, Ivy Constance Robert m 12 March 1932, South Australia to Cecil James Howells.

Helena Roberts b 1878, Moonta South Australia, Australia m 1923 to Albert Edward (Edgar) Block.  Child Beth


Edgar Roberts b 1879. Moonta South Australia, Australia


Life sketch:

Nathaniel Roberts was born and Christened on 2 November 1828, Roche, Cornwall, England to Richard and Joanna Roberts.  Nathaniel had several older brothers and sisters, and his father was a miner.  The 1941 census for Roche, Cornwall, indicates the family of Richard and Joanna Roberts was living at Trerank Moor.  It was a large household of 15 people.


1841 Cornish Census Roche

Trerank Moor,1,

     Richard Roberts,51,,Miner,In county,

     Joanna Roberts,,47,,In county,

     Ann Roberts,,24,,In county,

     John Roberts,21,,Miner,In county,

     Jane Roberts,,20,,In county,

     Richard Roberts,18,,,In county,

     Mathew Roberts,16,,Miner,In county,

     Fanny Roberts,,14,,In county,

     Maria Roberts,,14,,In county,

     Nathaniel Roberts,12,,,In county,

     Betsy Roberts,,10,,In county,

     Thomas Roberts,8,,,In county,

     James Roberts,6,,,In county,

    Susan Roberts,,5m,,In county,

     William Roberts,23,,Shoemaker,In county,


1851 Cornish Census Roche

69,Trerank Moor,

     Daniel Cook,Head,M,32,,Farmer Of 5 Acres & Labourer,Roche Cornwall,,

     Elizabeth Cook,Wife,M,,25,Milliner,St Stephens Cornwall,,

     Florence Roberts,Mtrlaw,W,,53,Annuitant,St Stephens Cornwall,,

     Jane Rowe,Niece,U,,5,Scholar,Roche Cornwall,,



     Richard Roberts,Head,M,58,,Clayman,Roche Cornwall,,

     Joanna Roberts,Wife,M,,55,,Roche Cornwall,,

     Maria Roberts,Dau,U,,23,,Roche Cornwall,,

     Thomas Roberts,Son,U,17,,Miner,Roche Cornwall,,

     James Roberts,Son,U,15,,Clayman,Roche Cornwall,,

     Susan Roberts,Daulaw,U,,10,Scholar,Roche Cornwall,,



As jobs became very scarce In the 1850s, several of the Roberts boys moved to Wales, where they not only got jobs in the mining industry, but also found their future wives.


Richard Roberts went to Wales, where he got a job in the lead mines, married Margaret around 1855 and they raised their family of seven children at Llanfihangel, Cardigan, Wales.


Thomas Roberts went to Wales, married Anne, and their first child Ann J Roberts was born at Llandinnan, Montgomery, Wales around 1860.  The family subsequently moved back to Roche, Cornwall, where their second child Marcha E Roberts was born in 1863.  In 1881 they were living in Edmonton, St Breock, Cornwall, and Thomas was an Engine Driver at a Quarry.


John Roberts went to Wales, married Jane, who was from Llandinan, Montgomery, Wales, and by 1866 they had moved to St Breock, Cornwall, where John got a job as an agent at the slate quarry. It was here that their first child Evan was born, and they raised their family of 4 children.  In 1881 they were living at Edmonton, St Breock, Cornwall


William Roberts married Betsy in Roche, Cornwall.  He was a shoemaker, she was a dressmaker.  Their children were Thomas John b 1851, Roche, William b 1853, Roche, Mary Philippa b 9 June 1857 Roche, Ann born 9 June 1857 Roche (twin), Betsey b 1 Jan 1860 Roche, and Richard b 28 October 1865 Roche.

Richard later became a mason, and married Elizabeth  In the 1891 census, they were living at married 10 Edgcumbe Ter, Roche.

Richard Roberts, head, married, 25 years, mason, employed, born Roche, Cornwall.

Elizabeth E Roberts, wife, married, 28 years, born London.

Beatrice A Roberts, daughter, 5 years, born Roche, Cornwall.

Living with them was William Kingdon, boarder, single, 25 years, watchmaker, born Neither, Camelford, Cornwall,


Ann Roberts married William Retallack, and in 1981 they were living in Broad Lane, Roche Cornwall.  He was a tin miner

The Retallicks had 2 girls, Anna born in 1853 and Eulalia Ellen born in 1854.

Maria Roberts never married, and in later life lived in Broad Lane Roche, with William Retallack and Ann (nee Roberts).


In November 1854, at the age of 22 years, Nathaniel Roberts packed his belongings and embarked on the "Nile", bound for South Australia. The Nile was a Sunderland built ship, making its first voyage to Australia in 1850, taking only 90 days.  It had been used as a convict transport to Tasmania.  Nathaniel Left Plymouth Nov 11th 1854, arrived Adelaide Feb 19th 1855, and went to Moonta, where he spent the next 37 years as a miner on the copper mines.

While working at Moonta, Nathaniel Roberts met Catherine Bawden, who was born in 1838, in Cornwall, England.  On July 15th, 1854, 15 yo Catherine and her mother, Elizabeth Bawden boarded the "Lord Raglan" at Portsmouth, England.  They were listed as Cate Bardon and Betty Bardon.  The ship arrived in Adelaide on October 24th, 1854.   Both were listed as Servants. Thomas Davies has written a diary of this voyage, which is in the National Library in Canberra.  The Lord Raglan made several voyages to Australia, including the transport of convicts to Western Australia in 1856. The Master of the Raglan was M. Flanagan, had 321 passengers.


Diarist: Davies, Thomas

Departure: 16 July 1854

Port: Plymouth

Destination: Adelaide

Ship: Lord Raglan

Class: 4mb

National Library of Australia Call No.: MS 200

Notes: EC ship; 25 year old plumber


Catherine Bawden grew up among the Cornish people of Moonta.


On August 24th 1867, at the age of 35, Nathaniel married Catherine Bawden at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Port Wallaroo, South Australia.  Catherine was 29 years. Witnesses were Edward Bullock, a miner in Moonta and Charity Bullock, who did domestic duties at Moonta.


Children to the marriage were Fanny b 1868, Ada b 1870, William b 1873, Samuel b 1876, Lena b 1878, Edgar b 1879.


Catherine died on 16th February 1887 at the age of 49 years at Little Adelaide, South Australia.  The children would have been aged 10-18 yrs at the time of her death, so this would have provided hardship for the family.


In 1891, at age 64 yrs, after working for most of his life in Moonta, Nathaniel moved from Moonta to Broken Hill, and on 22 November 1891 attended the wedding of his daughter Ada Roberts to James Hosken.  He also saw the early years of his grandchildren Len and John Hosken.  Nathaniel Roberts died at his home in Wilson St., Broken Hill South on May 3 1902, age 75 years.


In 1902, at the death of Nathaniel, the living children were: Fanny 34 yo, Ada, 32 yo, William 29 yo, Samuel 26 yo, Lena, 24 yo, Edgar 23 yo. Fanny Lowe and family lived in Broken Hill at the time, and Samuel Roberts, who also lived in Broken Hill provided the death information.


In 2001, Robert Hosken found the unmarked grave of Nathaniel Roberts. Buried in section 18, grave 16 of the Methodist Section, Broken Hill cemetery , NSW. 4710, Clergy James Watson, Undertaker J. Wright Witnesses at the funeral were J Perkins and J Morris.


Note: the death certificate of 1902 give his age at 75 years, which means he was born in 1827, however his 1867 marriage certificate states his age as 35 years, giving his birthdate as 1832