John Hosken 1861


Birth: b 15 September 1861, Gulval, Cornwall, England to John Hosken and Elizabeth Jelbart

Marriage: 1 17 April 1886, Sandhurst, Victoria to Eliza Jane Davey m 2 Emily Hosken

Death: 1848 Died at Horsham Victoria, buried at Cheltenham Cemetery, Victoria



Children of John Hosken & Jane Thomas

Mary Jane Hosken b 28 July 1850, Penzance, Cornwall m 8 June 1878, Long Gully, Victoria, Australia to William Nesbit

William Henry Hosken b 1851, Penzance, Cornwall m 26 July 1884, Sandhurst Victoria, Australia, Elizabeth (Nelly) Vigus

Children of John Hosken & Elizabeth Friggens Jelbart

Elizabeth Jelbart Hosken b 1858 Gulval, Cornwall, m 1 May 1887, Penzance, Cornwall, to John Christopher

Mary Hosken b 1859 Gulval, Cornwall, d abt 1862

John Hosken b 15 September 1861, Gulval, Cornwall, England m 17 April 1886, Sandhurst, Victoria to Eliza Jane Davey

James Hosken b 1 January 1864, Gulval, Cornwall, m 22 November 1891, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, to Ada Roberts



Ethel Maud Hosken b 1887 Sandhurst Victoria, m 1920, Victoria to Francis (Frank) Heatherlie Daggett. 2 Childen

Elizabeth (Bessie) Hosken b 1888 Bendigo, Victoria m Edie Cordes  1 child

James Davy Hosken b 3 April 1892 Bendigo, Victoria, m 1920 Ruby Olive Aston d 21 August 1963 b Springvale Cemetery Victoria.  4 children

Elva Jane Hosken b1899 m Wilf Mankey 1 child


Life sketch

John Hosken was born in Penzance, Cornwall on the 15th September 1861. His father was John Hosken, and mother was Elizabeth Jelbart. There were two older children, Mary Jane and William Henry from John’s previous marriage to Jane Thomas.  Like his father, John began working in the mines, however times were very tough.  An Uncle, William Henry Hosken, had emigrated to Australia the year that John was born.  His stepsister, Mary Jane had emigrated to Victoria around 1877, and her reports probably provided the encouragement for John to emigrate



John Hosken, age 22 years and his step brother William Henry Hosken sailed from Plymouth on June 16th 1883 on the SS "Iberia", a 4689 ton Orient Line ship travelling via the Suez canal and Adelaide and arrived at Sandridge Pier, Melbourne on July 29th 1883.  They were met by their brother in law William Nesbit.  One year later,  in 1884, William Henry Hosken at the age of 33 years was married to Elizabeth Vigus at Bendigo.


Robert Hosken has a copy of WHHs diary of the voyage to Australia.



The Iberia was a 4,689 gross ton ship, length 433.4ft x beam 45ft, two funnels, three masts (rigged for sail), iron hull, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. Accommodation for 100-1st, 150-2nd and 340-3rd class passengers. Built by John Elder & Co, Glasgow, she was launched for Pacific Steam Nav. Co's Valparaiso service on 6th Dec.1873. Her maiden voyage from Liverpool to South America started on 21st Oct.1874, her completion having been delayed by strikes. On 12th May 1880 she started her first London - Suez - Melbourne - Sydney voyage for the joint Orient Line/PSNCo service. In 1883 she was used as a Government Transport in the Egyptian Campaigns and on 25th Jan.1883 was placed on regular Australia sailings. She reverted to Liverpool - Valparaiso sailings on 11th Jun.1890 and in 1893 was fitted with new engines, and her sailing rigging removed. Scrapped at Genoa in 1903.

[Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.8, Pacific Steam Navigation Co]



John Hosken soon got to know Eliza Jane Davey, who was a dressmaker and the daughter of Cornish parents, but had been born in Australia.  John, a miner living in Orphir St Sandhurst, Victoria, and Eliza Jane Davey, a dressmaker, lived at Honeysuckle St Sandhurst. They were married by Henry Patterson, the Bible Christian Minister, at the Parsonage New Chum, Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria. 17 April 1886.  John was 24 years, and Eliza Jane was 23 years.  The witnesses were John Davey (22 yrs) and William Henry Hosken.  Henry Patterson was well known to the family, as he had previously married William Henry Hosken.


John and Eliza Jane Hosken had 4 children, three girls Ethell Maud b1887, Elizabeth b1888 and Elva b1899, and 1 boy, James b 1892.


 On 26th August 1889 John Hosken got a job as a railway porter, and the family were living at Orphir St Bendigo (1899 poll).  John Hosken spent his life working for Victorian Railways, and son James Hosken also worked for Victorian Railways.


Electoral Roll

1903 Thistle St Golden Square Bendigo

John Hosken, Porter

Eliza Jane Hosken, Home duties


1909 Lubeck, Victoria

John Hosken, Railway

Eliza Jane Hosken, Home duties

Ethel Hosken Home Duties


Have a photo-card of Bessie and Ethel Hosken from Lubeck, Victoria, March 21st, 1910.

Have a photo-card from John, Wedderburn Junction, Victoria 1912


1914 Boort Victoria

John Hosken, Railway

Eliza Jane Hosken, Home duties

Ethel Maud Hosken Dressmaker

Elizabeth Hosken, Home duties


1919 293 Glenhuntly Rd Caulfield, Victoria

John Hosken, Station Master

Eliza Jane Hosken, Home duties

Ethel Maud Hosken Dressmaker

Elizabeth Hosken, Typist


1924 7 Buxton St Elsternwick, Victoria

Eliza Jane Hosken, Home duties

Elva Jane Hosken, Typist


In 1924 Eliza Jane was living with Elva Jane Hosken at 7 Buxton St Elsternwick where Eliza Jane died in 1928. 


In 1925-1926 John Hosken and Eliza Jane Hosken visited the James Hosken family in Western Australia. The photograph below shows John and Eliza Jane Hosken with Ada Hosken, Aunt Annie (Moyle), Len and Edie Hosken, John and Glad Hosken and Bill Hosken.  Jack and Russell Hosken are at the front of the photo.




Following the death of Eliza Jane, John Hosken in 1929 married Emily Hosken, a cousin and they lived with the Daggetts at Essendon. 


In 1948, when 86 years, John Hosken died at his daughters home at Horsham in Victoria, and was buried next to Eliza Jane in the Cheltenham Cemetery, Victoria (Death Index Victoria 1921-1985).


James (Jim) Hosken followed in the footsteps of is father and worked for Victorian Railways.


Monday March 8th 1954 was a highlight in the life of Jim Hosken.   At this time he was 61 years and stationmaster at Warburton, Victoria.  The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh had been staying the weekend at O'Shanassy Lodge, Warburton.  As stationmaster Jim, Hosken was responsible for greeting the Royals as they boarded the Royal Train to depart Warburton for Melbourne.  Crowds of around 15000 people watched as Jim Hosken shook hand and chatted with the Queen and Duke.  The Sun of Tuesday March 9th reported on the details the crowds and the conversation of the Royals with Mr Jim, Hosken, stationmaster at Warburton.